JCAUSBYFIT is a fitness company that thrives on empowering individuals seeking to improve their overall well being in-person & online! We specialize in enhancing your fitness experience by using our peak performance coaching, innovative programs, apps, expert service, motivation, & accountability to bridge the gap towards your goals to expedite results. Whether you want to workout at home or in the gym we provide mobile training, online tools, workouts, meal plans, and strategies that are easily accessible no matter where you are in the world! We believe that when you strive for better fitness, it leads to better health and overall 

better life!   






To coach, motivate, inspire, and empower individuals to become the best version of themselves by applying innovative systems, tools, customized plans and training that produce real results while improving your  overall quality of life, fostering the fitness journey of others, and providing a service of excellence!


To create an exclusive digital experience, safe environment, and healthy community for individuals to train to better their health and fitness while bridging the gap towards a better life! Take charge of your life daily, accomplish your goals, and live a life of betterment for others to emulate.


Our newly designed plans have been carefully created as building blocks to reach your ultimate health and fitness goals.

Choose between three different plans Drip, #cutupwithcausby, and Isobuild. Each, with a core focus to either burn fat + lose weight, shred + tone muscle, or even isolate + build muscle. Our plans are suitable for everyone no matter your fitness background, experience, and/or goals. Train where you want when you want and get real results! 

Better Fitness.

Better Health.

Better Life. 

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