JCAUSBYFIT (pronounced J - CAUSBY- FIT or JCF) gets it's name from fitness expert, personal trainer, and creator Jeremiah Causby. JCF is a fitness company that thrives on empowering individuals seeking to better their health and fitness both online & in-person! We specialize in enhancing your fitness experience by using our digital gym to help you reach your goals and get results. We offer personal training, digital programs, workouts on DEMAND, At-Home Workouts, nutrition plans, expert coaching, motivation, and accountability. Using our Fitness App we give you the power to train when you want and where you want! JCF has evolved into a lifestyle, mindset, and brand. A lifestyle that makes your health and fitness one of your top priorities; A mindset that keeps you consistent on giving your best effort, leaving no room to quit; and A brand that emulates health and fitness success. Don't settle for average, strive to be BETTER!







To help others achieve better health and fitness daily in-person and online using our personal training services, fitness app, digital programs, workouts on demand, events and coaching that empower communities.


To create an exclusive fitness experience, safe environment, and healthy community for individuals to train better and perform better no matter where you are in the world. Establish a lifestyle to take charge of your life daily, accomplish your goals, and live a life of betterment for others to emulate.


Our newly designed programs have been carefully created for individuals of all backgrounds. Whether you're a beginner in fitness or a fitness guru we have programs that will help you advance your health and fitness while getting the results you desire using our fitness app.

Choose between three different programs Drip, JCFLETIC, and JCFx. Drip is a program and complete guide designed for you to sweat, burn fat, lose weight, and get toned. JCFLETIC is a program that focuses on training to be better and perform better. Where fitness meets athlete while toning, shredding, building, and performing at your best! JCFx is an extreme AT-HOME program designed to lose weight, tone, and/or build lean muscle. This is an intense home workout routine for beginners, intermediate, or advanced users. JCFx includes a combination of strength training, cardio, core training, HITT training, plyometrics, and stretching.


Our workouts are broken down into 3 phases, so to get the most out of your experience we encourage our users to try our 30DAY programs for those of you who have short term goals or our 90DAY programs for those of you want more of a transformation. Click HERE to get started today!