If you are unhappy with your body and/or have a desire to just "be better' with your health and fitness then this plan is for you! We provide the tools, strategies, support, coaching and customized workouts/meal plans necessary to help you reap the rewards of getting the results you desire all in just 90 Days while using our NEW Interactive Fitness App! Highly recommended to those of you want to go from where you are now to where you desire to be! 


What do we offer: 


✔️Customized Workout & Meal Plan 

✔️Unlimited Coaching 

✔️Weekly Consultations 

✔️Daily Accountability & Motivation 

✔️Gym & At Home Workouts

✔️Access our Interactive Fitness App  


⚠️ Important information ⚠️


- YES, this program is for both men and women 

- YES, please consult your doctor or primary physician prior to starting this program 

- YES, we have diet plans suitable for all diet restrictions, allergies, etc 

- YES, you can join with a partner

- YES, no matter where you are in the world 🌎 you can join


Contact jeremiah@jcausbyfit.com or @JCAUSBYFIT (Facebook) with any questions or concerns!


Disclaimer:  The content of this information is not designed to make any medical claims, diagnose, or treat any illnesses. We strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before changing your health regime or implementing any new methods or protocols. Please be aware that we have a NO REFUND policy, unless you have been selected as a grand prize winner in one of the JCAUSBYFIT contests. You will be purchasing an intangible service that is non-refundable at any time. Thank you!

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